Modern Headshots For A Hip Hospitality Company

Shooting headshots for large groups of people can be a logistical challenge. A technology company contacted us to photograph their headshots for fifty employees assembled for their annual conference at the Marriott Hotel in Southlake, TX, and a conference room was rented for the Caprock Studio team to set up our lights and backdrop— a defacto studio. Throughout a day of talks and classes for the employees, we found time for each person as they became available in between events to come into our ‘studio’ for a quick 5 minute session.

When we were initially commissioned to photograph headshots of their team, the client expressed a desire to have us photograph their employees in the style of a tech startup— fresh, modern, organic. Although the client is a large multinational technology company, the creative director in charge of the hospitality branch— a much smaller division of the overall company—wanted the headshots to be warm and approachable, but also have a creative edge to the photos.

In order to achieve the look the client desired, we settled on a dark gray seamless backdrop, and backlit the subjects with stronger edge lighting than we normally would. The key light was a medium octabox, camera right, tilted back towards the camera to add that nice soft wrapping light on the subject’s face. We also used a silver reflector to add a punchy fill to the photos. The result was human and approachable, but with fresh contemporary lighting to add dynamic excitement to the finished product.

The day was a success and the pictures came out beautifully. The client was thrilled with what we were able to capture.

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