Headshot Photography: How to Dress for Success

We’re thrilled you’ve chosen us for your headshot photography needs, and we can’t wait to meet and work with you to provide you with polished, attractive headshots that reflect your personality! We want to be sure you look your best, so as you’re preparing for your
headshot session, keep in mind the following suggestions.



  • Wear solid colored shirts and suits. Busy patterns can often distract the viewer from your face. For women, royal blue or coral colored shirts under a black suit can look great. For men, a colorful tie with a white dress shirt and dark suit looks nice.
  • Wear dark pants, jeans, or a skirt. Although your headshot will likely be cropped much closer, should your legs show up in a wider-framed shot, it’s important not to draw attention away from your face.
  • Excessive shine can show up in pictures. Consider washing your face or applying powder before your shoot.  This way you’ll be fresh and camera ready.
  • Make sure your outfit is well-fitting, clean and pressed/ironed.  Clothes that are poorly tailored or slightly baggy tend to make the person look bigger than they actually are on camera. Tighter is better than looser.
  • Flashy jewelry, buttons, etc. can take the attention away from your face (and may look dated down the line), so opt for simple, timeless accessories, if any.
  • Makeup should be clean and natural looking.

Most importantly, come prepared for a relaxed session with a skilled photographer, who will be enthusiastic about bringing out the best side of you on camera! We look forward to meeting you!