UNT Headshot Day 2016

This Sunday we set up a ‘headshot day’ for a bunch of grad student friends at UNT.  Eleven people came out, most of them writers, to enjoy a fun day of headshot taking, taco eating, beer drinking, and general merriment. When the day was over I had over 2000 images and a memory card full of fantastic headshots.

We started the day at 10:30am, and it was chilly.  And breezy.  We made it work, however, and got some lovely shots on the porch of Oak St. Drafthouse. At the beginning I was using an off camera flash with a 36″ Octabox.  The shots were working, but ultimately I dropped the use of the strobe and went with natural light and reflector after we finished up at Oak St.  Considering we had eleven people to shoot, I just felt it was slowing us down too much, so we switched to the reflector and I was much happier.

We moved down the street to Industrial Ave., shooting mostly outside of Hoochies and Dan’s Silver Leaf.

We ended the day at the very photogenic Harvest House, shooting outside on their back patio,  and inside as at one of the picnic tables by the back windows.  It’s a great location with good light, and funky shipping pallets outside made for a great background.

All said and done the day was a COMPLETE SUCCESS.  Everyone seemed to have a great time (including myself) and the shots came out as well as I had hoped.

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