Before Your Shoot

Booking and Availabilitybefore your headshot session

Appointments are booked Monday-Friday at a time that is convenient for you and your team.  Although most clients book us weeks in advance, many clients need their appointment scheduled much sooner— one or two days in advance.  We try our best to accommodate everyone.  Please inform us of your timeline upon booking.


The majority of our corporate clients have Brad travel to their office for their session, while individuals usually come to our studio.  We can make arrangements for whichever option you prefer, and we are always available to travel to your location and set up our ‘mobile studio’.

During Your Shoot


The first thing Brad will do, once he arrives, is location scout to find the best place for your session.  Larger conference rooms work great, and the minimum space needed for lights and a backdrop is an area 6’x12’ (although ~10’x20’ is preferable, if possible).

Setup time for lights and backdrop typically takes 30-45 minutes.  For this reason we like to arrive 30-45 minutes before the scheduled headshots are to take place.

during your headshot sessionThe Shoot

Once we get started, Brad shoots at the rate of about 6-10 people per hour.  This gives him enough time to get each subject comfortable in front of the camera, and to coach them on their posing.  Scheduling people 10 minutes apart, entire offices can be photographed in a single morning, with minimal interruption to your work day.

Some people are naturals in front of the camera and others need to be coached a little more.  It’s Brad’s job as the photographer to get the best picture he can with everyone, and he prides himself in making the process easy for even the most reluctance of participants.  He will take about 10-30 photos of each person before moving on.
Brad’s sessions are relaxed but upbeat and fun for everybody.  Brad is easy going, but he’s serious about the results he gets.  If he needs more time for setup, a few extra minutes with an individual, or even extra time to try a creative suggestion from the client, he will take it.  It’s his policy to keep an open dialogue so you get exactly what you want from your session.

Once the session is over, it takes 15-20 minutes to breakdown gear and wrap up the appointment.

After Your Shoot

Proofsafter your headshot session

Proofs are available 1-2 business days after your shoot, and are sent to you electronically via Dropbox.  We find this to be the easiest solution for most clients, however, if you would like an alternate form of file delivery, please let us know.


Retouching is recommended for all headshot clients as it gives a polished and professional look to your headshots.  Retouching is included for all individual headshot sessions and available for group sessions as well.  Standard retouching includes removal of stray hairs and blemishes, softening wrinkles, whitening teeth, sharpening eyes, and addressing any exposure issues.  Here are some examples of what retouching looks like.


Payment for your final balance is due the day of your shoot, and can be made by cash, check or credit card.  8.25% sales tax applied where applicable.


If for any reason you must cancel or reschedule your appointment with us, we ask you give us 48 hours notice.

A 50% deposit is due the upon booking to hold your session time.